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Alisa Reynolds

Ōtthsaw Owner


I'm Alisa Reynolds. I'm an artist. These desks, and the accessories, are my art. I lovingly hand craft them from start to finish in the spirit of serving well-being.

I call this exhibit Ode To The Human Spirit At Work - and thus the business name Otthsaw. o-t-t-h-s-a-w

I also facilitate great conversations in my other venture: The Space of Spaces 

I originally started building office furniture when I wanted to integrate my yoga practice into my office job desk space.

For me, 40+ hours of sitting at a desk were leading to both physical and mental well-being issues. At the time, I was in my first yoga teacher training course in 2014 when I started wondering how office furniture could be designed to include my asana practice. The main thing missing was the floor. My designs are all original and work to either lower the desk or raise the floor. 

I have shipped around 125 desks to 3 different countries on 2 continents. These desks take many hours to build and I do 99.9% of it myself and I enjoy it deeply. I always appreciate patience in getting them out on time. I obsess over quality in everything from symmetry, to sanded edges, to finish coats. Great care is taken. I believe in the ability of art to transform. The obsessive qualities of my efforts go far beyond manufacturing. I want customers to experience something positive for themselves and their well-being when they look at/use my art. 


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