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Founder and Co-owner

I enjoy computer work AND I cherish my well being. So I am in a dilemma. Many of us are.


There are all kinds of ways we can impact our well being. Stationary work is one of the most impactful. Movement is equally impactful. In different ways obviously. 

During my years on the MINDBODY tech support team I found myself to be very concerned about the impact of stationary work on my body and whether my movement practices were sufficient to balance it all out. 

At that time I was in a yoga teacher training. I had the idea of bringing my yoga practice into my desk space and found that the current desk design paradigm was not very agreeable. Mostly it wasn't conducive for my floor work. I went into the yoga teacher training with extremely tight hips. Floor sitting was very difficult and painful for me.


The time we spent on the floor during book training was of the most important parts of my yoga teacher training. I made up my mind to do the work of reintroducing my body to the floor over six months. It felt like a workout. It takes a lot of work for some of us to achieve a balanced comfortable seated posture. Floor sitting is a workout in it's own right. It's a wonderful part of our movement practice because it's a place we can really experience our posture habits, and muscular and skeletal imbalances. The whole body is involved in a pain-free balanced floor sitting practice. 

When I couldn't find the office furniture I needed I started building my own. I did really terrible design work at the beginning. I had little experience and relied on the local Home Depot crew for knowledge and materials. With practice and years of patience from the SLO Makerspace team I learned to design somewhat flat-stackable easy to assemble hand-crafted office furniture.




Sherri works full time as a quality engineer for Hathway in San Luis Obispo. She has been working with computers and databases for somewhere around 25 years. She is super smart at it. There is a great story about the first bug she found... if you get a chance to ask her.


Someday maybe she'll share her side of it all... but what I think her side could be is that she saw me come up with a wild idea and she has been with me, rarely reluctantly, the whole way.


Imagine your partner coming home from Home Depot, with cheap plywood that Robb in the Building Materials department cut up for her, and declaring that she is going into the furniture business! Neither of us had any idea how this would unfold. She has been instrumental in my having the time, tools, materials, and space I needed to teese out my furniture design style and business skills. 

She is also a wonderful kid momma, plant momma, grammar lover, mystery solver, and a glass artist. 

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You may recognize Blake as a MINDBODY Cofounder. He was the original founder and developer of the MINDBODY software, if I understand the story correctly. He's also been an actor, a carpenter, a mindfulness activist, and host of the Wellness Revolutionaries podcast.  

I met Blake in 2014 when I was an employee at MINDBODY. When he saw one of my original furniture pieces and learned of its intention to integrate a yoga practice into my desk space, he began to be supportive of my entrepreneurial notions. I remember his saying "that idea has legs". I hadn't heard that term before. It was encouraging. We connect really well around big pictures and taking action. 


Five years later when I went to Blake with a need to level up and purchase my own tools he became the third co-owner of Ōtthsaw. I discuss the business with Blake regularly and benefit from his experiences and feedback.