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The Team

Alisa Reynolds

Co Founder and CEO

I enjoy computer work AND I cherish my well being. So I am in a dilemma. Many of us are.


There are all kinds of way we can impact our well being. Stationary work is one of the most impactful. Movement is equally impactful. In different ways obviously. 

During my years on the MINDBODY tech support team I found myself to be very concerned about the impact of stationary work on my body and whether my movement practices were sufficient to balance it all out.

At that time I was in a yoga teacher training. I had the idea of bringing my yoga practice into my desk space and found that the current desk design paradigm was not very agreeable. Mostly it wasn't conducive for my floor work. I went into the training with extremely tight hips. Floor sitting was very difficult and painful for me. The time we spent on the floor during book training was one of the most important parts of my yoga training. I made up my mind to do the work of reintroducing my body to the floor. It felt like a workout. Floor sitting is a workout in it's own right. It's a wonderful part of our movement practice because it's a place we can really put or mind on, experience, and analyse our posture habits and muscular and skeletal imbalances. The whole body consents to a pain free balanced floor sitting practice. 

When I couldn't find the office furniture I needed I started building my own. I did really terrible design work at the beginning. I had little experience and relied on the local Home Depot crew for knowledge and materials. With practice and years of patience from the SLO Makerspace team I learned to design flat stackable easy to assemble office furniture which belongs in a new paradigm of office furniture because it has the commitment of lowering the desk and raising the floor to facilitate floor sitting practice during desk work. 

Recently with the support of Ōtthsaw Cofounder Sherri Knight and MINDBODY Cofounder Blake Beltram I created my own work space with my own tools and have managed to improve my making practices. I've learned to use workflow processes and jigs to improve my production time by 75% since the start. It's a process designed to be teachable. I have severage percentage points ahead to continue to improve. 

So, I am in business now. I have proven to myself that I can do this. I can see a path of success. We have so many product designs still left to put out and services to provide. I'm looking forward to getting a team together and producing something absolutely remarkable together. Paradigm shifts can be a lot of fun. More so when they are invited and invented. 


Please let me know if you might be interested in being on the team that will be bringing Ōtthsaw and the next paradigm of office furniture into existence. We are looking for marketing, various subjects of online well being coaches, and maker partners. We are a startup. Who knows where things can go!! Let me know what you see yourself contributing.  I will reach out when I begin filling positions.

Coming soon: the details about Co Founder Sherri Knight and the adviser team.