Open Base Versions

It took me a while to figure out a strong and stable design for an open base rolling desk design. I am very pleased with the strength and stability of this design - though IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT that assembly instructions are followed carefully to make sure this design works properly and safely for you. 

The genesis of my furniture design was my need to integrate my yoga practice into my desk space. I was having a really hard time being at a desk and I wanted to bring in some movement and breath practices to help me sustain my enthusiasm for the desk work I was doing.

This open base design improves my access to my practice during desk work. 


Open Base Crouching Flamingo

IMG_2590 2.JPG

Open Base Standing Flamingo 2.0

Strength and Stability

The design concern I had to overcome was the possibility of the front legs separating/opening enough that the desk shelves could drop through. 

I added horizontal "ledges" to the back piece. The back legs attach to these horizontal ledges. Because the front legs attach to the back legs which attach to the horizontal back piece ledges the front legs will not separate. This is a very sturdy design that I am in awe of.


(Again, It's very important to follow assembly instructions properly so this works right.) 

Standing Flamingo standing (1).png

Actually, truth be told, the idea for how to achieve stability for the front legs came from my beloved son William shown here with one of the first Open Base designs:

William is 6'2" for reference

I am really pleased with how these open base desk designs are turning out.


Again, it is very important that assembly instructions are followed carefully.


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