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Made to order unless noted in product title.

These desks are lovingly handcrafted and take time. My building schedule is full through the end of the year. Purchases in 2022 will be built and shipped in 2023. I appreciate your patience with this. I will communicate your estimated ship date soon after I receive your order. And I am always here for questions and feedback at

Have a lovely holiday season!!

The Leaning Flamingo Desk

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Product Details
Height: 83"
Width: 35"
Depth: 18"
Regular Shelf Dimensions: 28.5" wide x 18.5" deep
Small Shelf Dimensions: 28.5" wide x 10" deep

Estimated build time 2-4 weeks.

Width update 9/7/2020: 36" to 35"

(Pictures show different versions and setups. The current version has the shelf space at the top and comes with two shelves. )

(If you are requesting a Custom Width please include the width you want in the notes at checkout and we may discuss in email. . I'm happy to answer questions through email before you commit to a purchase. Customization may change build time. Maximum shelf width is 35” (33.5” usable). Beyond 35” requires a couple of design changes and additional costs.)

It leans and it's lean.

Our most minimalist desk design includes 60 inches of leaning vertical adjustability. It's perfect for active floor sitting, desk yoga, squatting, kneeling, crouching, bench sitting, chair sitting, standing, and everything in between. It is the easiest to assemble, least expensive to ship, and has the smallest floor space footprint of our full height desks.

This desk is excellent for people up to 6' 3" tall and could be custom built to be tall enough for the world's tallest person to enjoy proper neck posture at a standing desk.

It's called the Leaning Flamingo Desk because it leans against the wall for support (unlike our Standing Flamingo desk which has four legs, stands alone, and has wheels). It is handcrafted using strong and beautiful maple/birch Europly plywood. During the handcrafting process we obsess about the quality of your desk experience. These are beautiful functional desks!

The Leaning Flamingo desk is perfect for a laptop, IPad, or small monitor and could hold more. We’ve tested it up to 26 pounds. Always be mindful while moving equipment on shelves. Take time to practice with this type of manual desk height change.

It can be assembled in less than 15 minutes and will provide many years of use. (Updated from 5 minutes)

It comes with two shelves: a regular size: 28.5” x 18.5” and one small 28.5” x 10”. If you plan to use two shelves for equipment and wish to use the upper shelf area you will want to add on a third shelf. Upper shelf area is meant to be used with a small shelf

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*During your floor sitting practice, if you experience any pain or concern please consult a medical professional or, if appropriate, a bodyworker or wellness provider.*