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  • Alisa

Could someone let Pema Chodron know I have her new desk ready?

Could someone let Pema Chodron know I have her new desk ready? Five new Standing Flamingo Desks (aka Bodhichitta Stations) getting ready to go out and serve people who want to put attention on posture hip health, and breath while they do the work that makes the world work. There are easily a hundred good stories leading up to this offering - six years in the making. This is the first “cohort” coming out of my personal studio. They have been patient with me while I gathered/set up all the new equipment and build 20ish different jigs to make my work consistent. Up until now I’ve been in a local Makerspace and had to haul all my work to and from each day and store it in my tiny living room with my unbelievably generous family. I’ve got this process down now. No two will ever be exactly alike in terms of grain patterns - you’ll see in up coming pics after I’ve put the finish coat on - I can’t wait to show you. If you have been thinking about getting one for yourself I think you are going to be really happy about the changes to pricing coming up within the next week or so. I’ve responded to customer feedback - “we want it faster and for less money”. I can now make these pieces a lot faster for a lot less money. Still no more than 10 big pieces a month though right now.