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Otthsaw DIY Safety

Safety is an important piece of this journey. When it comes to staying safe in the shop I have these principles:

1) Be here now.

  • Be present when you are using tools.

  • If you can't focus take a break and do something else.

  • No mind altering substances during work. Even caffein for some.

2) Wear protection

  • eye

  • throat/lung

  • ear

  • no gloves around spinning tools like saw blades and drill bits.

3)​ Know your tool

  • Read the owner's manual.

  • Watch YouTube videos.

  • Ask friends - get a demonstration.

  • Put your safety gear on and try it out.

4) Use the right tool for the job

  • My big problem here is opening a can of paint with a flathead screwdriver.

5) Never apply force in the direction of a moving tool part (saw blade or drill bit.)

  • To consider the direction of your force consider where your hand/foot would go if it slipped a foot. Don't apply any force in that direction.

  • Use jigs when warranted.

5) Small pieces are disastrously dangerous


  • I will never ever try cutting small pieces through a table saw or on a miter saw ever again.

  • Just don't.

6) Take your time

  • Rushing is dangerous.

  • Stop when you are frustrated.

  • Draw it out.

  • Get some rest.

  • Relax.

  • Enjoy.

  • Set realistic and flexiblish completion dates with your customers.

Otthsaw DIY Satefy principle are just the beginning. Always be thinking about your safety first. I'm around for questions.

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