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Current self care inquiry:

Posture is a very influential condition of our human bodies. It impacts our well being physically, emotionally, socially, and beyond. It's worth studying.

How do we go about studying it? 

Our posture can influence everything from bone integrity to joint and organ function.


Posture deeply impacts muscle, cardiac, and nervous system tissue quality.


To discover our most brilliant/enhancing posture we might look into cultural phenomena around our posture. Chairs, for example, and how we are "allowed" to sit. It starts when we are five or six years old. 

Also, we might use an asana practice that integrates our cleansing breath. Studying posture from the inside out is a wonderful experience! It's cultivated. 

  • hip health

  • joint health

  • spine health

  • heart health

  • nerve health

  • brain health

  • breath health

  • tissue health

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