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Price Update Information:

I take pricing really seriously. I raise prices reluctantly and after much thought. I don't want to price anyone out of an Ōtthsaw desk, and I also need to be a responsible business owner and integrous employer. My pricing choices are more about financial integrity and business security than trying to get ahead. Should the opportunity arise to cut costs I will cut prices. 

9/7/2020: Standing Flamingo Desk Price Change from $799 to $899:

I know that some customers have been saving up for a while to invest in a Standing Flamingo desk for their desk working lifestyle. If you are one of these people please be in touch with me about the price change by 11/1/2020 

Building a Standing Flamingo desk is a major undertaking. There are around 300 pieces including screws. When I first started calculating costs I was most considerate of the time it takes to build one and didn't consider the costs of doing a good finish and getting it into 2 or 3 boxes. This price adjustment ensures the appropriate amount of time to complete the work. 

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