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For those who are looking for something different.

Ōtthsaw does office furniture differently.
Really differently. 

Arguably the most beautiful and functional office furniture on the planet. 

A minimalist design where form follows function for office workers. 

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Our workspaces are designed to support people's well-being during sedentary desk work. Our designs create access to something different. 

Well-being is the balanced alignment of physical, mental, and emotional health, embodying harmony and existential satisfaction.


That is hard to achieve during stationary desk work when we are supposed to give our full attention to what's happening on our computer screens. 

Ōtthsaw's designs and practices are meant to be just disruptive enough to help during the standard sedentary desk work experience, but not so much as to interrupt productivity. 

For many, the opportunity to access a floor sitting/kneeling/squatting, etc posture during some part of their desk workday is game-changing. 

Floor sitting to standing and everything in between

Ōtthsaw stands for
Ode to the Human Spirit at Work.  

A human being's relationship to work is sacred. Our work is how we care for ourselves, our families, our communities, and the world at large. It's how we express our callings and professions. When our work works, our world will work.  My work is to help your work work. 

I started building my reimagined office furniture in a maker space in 2014. After years at a desk and experiencing a health decline which I associated with years of sedentary work, I asked "What else could we be doing during our desk time to avoid the health decline?" As a yoga teacher, I realized a floor practice was a huge missing. Why just sit or stand?

We use our work to build our worlds. What is the impact of working from a less-than-vital place? It makes complete sense to assess this situation and allow for change, even just a little. 


Alisa Reynolds (sher/her)

Ōtthsaw founder, designer, builder

Many designs and accessories to choose from.
(Customizations available.)  

Leaning Flamingo Desk
Zippy Flamingo Desk
Standing Flamingo Desk
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