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Ōtthsaw's Zippy Flamingo

And on wheels.

For floor sitting to standing and everything in between. 

Otthsaw Square 1080 - 1080 (2).png

Over 50" of vertical adjustability

H 65" | W 33.5" | D 19" 

Minimalist Handcrafted Adjustable Workspaces

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Designed by a long-time yoga student and artist Alisa Reynolds... 

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... to integrate yoga into her desk work


After other desk designs failed


At the center of this desk yoga work is breath.

And technique for using breath to work on the body from the inside out

Otthsaw stands for
Ode To The Human Spirit At Work

Another way to think about the human spirit at work is volunteerism. 

Someone said "You can pay a person for their back and hands but not their mind and heart as those are volunteered." Maybe it was Buckminster Fuller. I found it so long ago I must have read it in a book. It's stuck with me forever. 

Volunteerism has a special quality to it. It allows us to pass our light to each other through our work. It allows us to make beauty.

We can volunteer by making art of our work. 

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© 2015-2023 by Otthsaw

Images, furniture designs, and personally crafted work are protected under copyright law.

Made in Coastal California

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