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What I want to say about my son William down there is that without him the desk I'm sitting at in my picture wouldn't exist. I had convinced myself that an open base like that wasn't going to happen. He suggested some design options and they were exactly what we needed. But, I wouldn't consider them at first. It took him three tries for me to really consider his ideas. I was being a curmudgeon. He was right on. And now I am very satisfied with this desk design. And I'm so grateful for William's persistance.  

Alisa Reynolds - Ōtthsaw Founder

Learn a lot more about Alisa at on her personal website

See her hosting schedule in The Space of Spaces.


William helps out in Ōtthsaw as needed. He is the only other person at this time who has built all the different Ōtthsaw designs many of which are currently out of production by Ōtthsaw. 

William keeps himself occupied attending difficult math classes, doing fine work wherever he goes, and being the best son on the planet.


He is a joy to have around and can be counted on for unique solutions.  

William Paulovitz - Ōtthsaw Furniture Builder

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