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Made to order unless otherwise stated. Ship times are estimates. Custom desks may take longer. 

Currently, shipping is at around 4 weeks. This number continues to be challenging to predict completely. When I complete a project I move to the next. These workspaces are my art and I enjoy other work too. I will contact you with a closer estimate as the ship date approaches.

I offer 10% off between now and Dec. 31st though cannot guarantee shipping in time for the holiday. Use Coupon Code: Holidays2021

I can give an approximate ship date, or answer any other questions through email at

Have a lovely holiday!!


Adult size, child size, and other size seating options to promote raised seated yoga, active seating, and mindful sitting at the desk and beyond. It's an excellent addition to desk seating when floor sitting is not an option.

Being Blocks

Custom Work

Have an idea for what would help you stay adaptive to desk work? Let's build it together.

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Ready to Ship

I typically build furniture when it is ordered. Occasionally I have a piece that is ready to ship and I will post them in this section.