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Get email notification when Ōtthsaw's Zippy Flamingo desks are available for sale and ready to ship November 2023.

Get notified by email when Ōtthsaw Zippy
Flamingo desks are available in Nov 2023.


The world's most adaptive desks for people who want to do desk work and want to stay well too.


Adult size, child size, and other size seating options to promote raised seated yoga, active seating, and mindful sitting at the desk and beyond. It's an excellent addition to desk seating when floor sitting is not an option.


Extra shelves and such.

Being Blocks

Custom Work

Have an idea for what would help you stay adaptive to desk work? Let's build it together.

Gift Cards


Available to purchase

When I have a piece ready to ship I will post it here.

DIY Flamingo Desk Kits

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