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Hi everyone! Alisa here. I want to give you an update about some changes to the sales process.


  • Moving forward I will take orders by email and send an invoice.

  • I will put pieces for sale online in the box below when they become available. 

  • I'm 8 years into this business and have come to recon with needing to charge a good chunk of $ for my work if I want to stay in business and stay personally financially secure. I have worked hard to cut all the costs I can. 

  • Because I don't want to price people out I am working on a build-your-own Flamingo Desks option. I will be starting with sending kits to the first "beta building cohorts" of 10 people mid-summer 2023. Please get on the contact list at the bottom of this page if this is something you're interested in. 

  • If you aren't into or able to build-your-own maybe someone you know close to home in handy enough and wants a little extra work? Or check Craigslist. Or reach out to me and I can use social media to attempt to find someone in your area. When the time comes I will be available for 1-2 hours on Saturdays to provide guidance. There will be some things required on your end - like sandpaper and a drill and more. A list will be available.

  • I will ship internationally through UPS. Additional fees apply. Email your country and "zip code" to me to discuss extra shipping costs.

  • These desks take time to build. A sale gets you in line, so to speak.

  • There are potentially previously owned pieces that people want to part with. These desks are built to last and possibly near you and within your budget.

I currently (3/23/23) have 2 pieces in the queue and will be available to start the next purchase the first week of May. Payment gets you in line. 


I am always here for questions and feedback at


The world's most adaptive desks for people who want to do desk work and want to stay well too.


Adult size, child size, and other size seating options to promote raised seated yoga, active seating, and mindful sitting at the desk and beyond. It's an excellent addition to desk seating when floor sitting is not an option.


Extra shelves and such.

Being Blocks

Custom Work

Have an idea for what would help you stay adaptive to desk work? Let's build it together.

Gift Cards


Available to purchase

When I have a piece ready to ship I will post it here.

I want to build my own desk. send more info when it becomes available.

The desk I want to build:
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