Made to order - ship times are estimates. Custom desks may take longer. 

Currently shipping at around 3 - 4 weeks. I will contact you with a closer estimate as the ship date approaches.

Please note:


Prices will be going up in July. I've built around 100 desks now and shipped about 80 of them. My understanding of costs has improved. I have not been charging enough to have a long-term sustainable business. I learn as I go. 


I know people save up for these desks so I am giving notice of coming price changes today 6/13/21. I will honor current prices through 7/12/21.


Adult size, child size, and other size seating options to promote raised seated yoga, active seating, and mindful sitting at the desk and beyond. It's an excellent addition to desk seating when floor sitting is not an option.

Being Blocks

Custom Work

Have an idea for what would help you stay adaptive to desk work? Let's build it together.

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