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Ōtthsaw DIY

Here I try to make building things on your own more accessible.

We're going to do the big machine work. We'll get all the pieces together for you. We'll provide instructions. We'll be available a couple of hours on Saturdays for Zoom support. 

You will sand, drill, screw, and apply the finish. We may do a lot of prep ahead for a couple pieces like shelves. For example: I like to get it to a 400 grit smoothness on shelves. And rounding shelf corners and edges is a big machine task.  


Coming June - July 2023

The first desk to be available for DIY - a beta run* - is the Crouching Flamingo desk. These were most commonly requested so far. Choose from Open Base and Full Base versions. Open base is a little more work to get ready so it costs a little more. 

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