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Can I order a different size than what is shown on the website?


Yes, we welcome custom height and width orders. You can make some custom selections from the drop-down menus in the online store. Customization fees apply. If you don't see what you are looking for in drop-down menus contact us with questions about customizations. Please note that building times may vary on custom orders.



Can I order additional shelves?


Yes! We have options to select from:



Can the desks be shipped internationally?


Desks can be shipped to many countries. Shipping costs do go up. Contact us with the address for more information. 

Do the wheels lock in place?


Yes. You will receive 2 locking wheels to keep your desk in place. 4 locking wheels are available on request. 


Why do my shelves wiggle up and down?

Shelves are designed to be pulled forward a little so that weight is distributed at the front and you get a little forward tilt. 



Do you sell pencil holders and other accessories?


Yes. We can do lots of interesting things with accessories. Please contact us with information about what you are looking for. 


How much weight can a desk hold?


Different desk models can hold different amounts of weight. We're confident that each shelf can hold 50 pounds. The desks are made of solid materials. 


Can the desk support the weight of two monitors? 


Yes. Monitors can be stacked vertically or you can order a wide version for side by side. Keep in mind heavier equipment makes it harder to move shelves up and down. Also, larger width may reduce the ease of rolling. 


How long does it take to receive my desk?


Times vary. Each desk is handcrafted with much care and attention. You can contact us for estimated ship dates. These times are estimates. I’m always happy to answer an email about estimates.

Allow additional shipping time.


Can the desk fit a laptop and a monitor screen?


Custom widths are wide enough to accommodate a laptop and monitor side by side. Other models can support a monitor on one shelf and a laptop on a second shelf - above and below - vertical desking. 

Can we choose different wood?


We have access to a dark walnut of the same wood type. Extra fees apply. We are open to trying something new. What would do you have in mind?  We have found that the wood we use does not accept stain well. 

Can the desks be anchored to the wall for safety?


The Leaning Flamingo doesn't need to be anchored to the wall but it can be. Let us know when you are ordering and we will send the setup. 

What is your return policy?

We are sure you are going to love your purchase. We offer a 30 day happiness guarantee. Return merchandise subject to return shipping expenses to customer. 

We guarantee that our work will stand up to normal indoor use for 5 years. We predict it will last much longer than that. 

Contact us with any further questions.

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