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Ōtthsaw FAQ

Can the wood pieces be stained in different colors?

This type of wood does not take a stain well. I am considering trying an enamel. I take the feel of sliding the desk shelves into consideration. I want it to feel good to use these things.


Can the desks be anchored to the wall for safety?


The Leaning Flamingo can be anchored to the wall. We have been using them in our home for years and they are doing great. It is important to keep them snugged up to the wall. I just tap the base in gently with my toe. I will include furniture straps if requested. 



Can I order a different size than what is shown on the website?


Yes, we welcome custom orders. You can make some custom selections from the drop down menus in the online store. Email with questions about customizations. Please note that building times may vary on custom orders.



Can I order additional shelves?


Yes! We have options to select from: If you have a Vision for a different size for your workspace let me know. 



Can the desks be shipped internationally?


Desks can be shipped to many countries. Shipping costs do go up. Contact me with address for more information. 



Do you recommend any cushions for floor sitting?

Floor sitting is a practice for me. I find the practice beneficial. I consider it a yoga practice. We are all at different levels of range of motion in our hips and stability in our spine. During yoga we use props and during floor sitting we can use props. Let your body tell you what is right for you.

I find working toward a balanced flat floor seated posture beneficial. I’ve been at this for years. It takes times and ebbs and flows. It seems like every single strand of tissue in my body needs to be working together to achieve a stable balanced floor sit. It’s a fun challenge and an audit space. It promotes body awareness. I also use ashtanga and functional fitness practices.  

Always listen carefully to your body. Take your time with a new floor sitting practice. Consult a professional about any concerning pain while sitting. Ashtanga is a wonderful practice for cultivating floor sitting ability. Functional fitness including the transverse plane is great for mobilizing and strengthening hips. Myofascial release rollers and balls all over the body is helpful too. 

Most of my information about floor sitting has come from inquiries started during 2 yoga teacher training courses. I am 400hr certified to teach yoga. Not currently leading asana classes. I was also certified as a personal trainer years ago.  And, I am definitely a perpetual student. Vande gurunam caranaravinde. I have been working with Ashtanga yoga teacher Niccola Nelson online. She is great with many different styles of yoga as you'll see on her webpage. 


Do the wheels lock in place?


Yes. You will most likely receive 2 locking wheels to keep your desk in place. 4 locking wheels available on request. 



Do you sell pencil holders and other desk supply items?


I do. I consider those accessories a I don’t have them listed in the online store yet. I’m happy to take requests by email. If you have a vision for something that will help let me know. 



How much weight can a desk hold?


Different desk models can hold different amounts of weight. Custom wider desks hold less weight than regular width. I’m confident that these shelves can hold 30 pounds. Keep in mind I'm a small business and I have not put these desks through rigorous weight testing.


I do have a demo video of applying weight and some chaos here. 




Can the desk support the weight of two monitors? 


Yes- if the monitors are newer and lighter monitors. 


Always take care when rolling a desk with monitors as they may be a little top-heavy. 


Always take care when moving a shelf with a monitor or two as monitors may be top-heavy. 



How long does it take to receive my desk?


Times vary. Each desk is handcrafted with much care and attention. You can check the online store for estimated build times. These times are estimates. I’m always happy to answer an email about estimates.

Allow additional shipping time.


Do the desks stand well on carpet?


We have two Leaning Flamingo desks on carpet and it’s going fine. 


I haven’t personally used a wheeled desk on carpet. Carpet plush thickness could slow a wheeled desk down or cause abrupt starts and stops.


Please be extra careful when moving while learning about it. See caution statement below. 





Can the desk fit a laptop and a monitor screen?


Custom widths are wide enough to accommodate a laptop and monitor side by side. Other models can support a monitor on one shelf and a laptop on a second shelf - above and below - vertical desking. 

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