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Made to order unless noted in product title.

I love building these desks - and it is not the only work that I want to do. As I have a new project launching soon, I am limiting my desk sales to two per month to achieve balance. I continue to work toward increasing production in a peaceful and meaningful way. 


I have made some price changes. And I have added some discount codes. 


Below are the discount codes for the first half of 2022. Each of these is worth $200 off. One per order. Codes can be used for desks only.





It takes 2-4 weeks from the start to build a desk, apply finish coats, and pack up for delivery - depending on version and customizations. I may not ship in the purchase month. My process is to start the next desk order each time I complete one. I typically send out an email when I start it. You can always get an estimate by email at

Crouching Flamingo Desk

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Introducing the Crouching Flamingo desk.

Regular size dimensions: 65" tall, 18" deep, and 35" Wide and Open Base version will be deeper. Approx 21".

The Crouching Flamingo desk has the same functionality as the Standing Flamingo desk and opens up the users viewing space. It does not offer an upper shelf for storage or a top piece.

The Crouching Flamingo desk was originally designed for a loft in a Sausalito houseboat that has 62" ceiling beams near the place it is used. The customer originally asked for a short Standing Flamingo desk and I was concerned about her not being able to enjoy the great view from her houseboat loft window with the top piece in place on a short Standing Flamingo desk so we got rid of the top piece and added some other pieces for stability. It turned out great! It may be my new favorite desk. It's light and viewy. :)

The custom height Crouching Flamingo desk shown in the picture is 62" tall. Unless otherwise requested or specified future versions will be 65" tall. Will - the man in the picture - is 6' 2" for reference. The regular height (65") Crouching Flamingo desk is appropriate for up to people up to 6' 4".

Taller and wide versions are also available.

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