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Portable Caterpillar Desk

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(( About recent price update: these lovelies take a good while to build. In a couple ways they are the most challenging to build. They require fewer materials though still many hours of labor. If you have been working on purchasing one of these at the previous price please let me know and we can honor the $299 price up until January 15th. ))

This is a great desk for people who want to bring out a desk and use it on a floor or tabletop, and then fold it up and set it aside when not in use. It will include hooks installed on the side for safe use. Carrying handle sold separately.

Always use hooks (not shown) when moving the folded Portable Caterpillar.

Ships assembled.

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*During your floor sitting practice, if you experience any pain or concern please consult a medical professional or, if appropriate, a bodyworker or wellness provider.* 


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