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Made to order unless noted in product title.

These desks are lovingly handcrafted and take time. My building schedule is full through the end of the year. Purchases in 2022 will be built and shipped in 2023. I appreciate your patience with this. I will communicate your estimated ship date soon after I receive your order. And I am always here for questions and feedback at

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Standing Flamingo 2.0 - Two Sided - Front and Back Use (wide version shown)

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(Current images are of a custom Standing Flamingo 2.0. Total width is 42"(updated from 43" 9/22). Shelf width is 35" Top piece has no sides. Custom widths available by request = $100)

(Regular dimensions are same as the regular Standing Flamingo desk: total width 35", depth 25"(updated from 22" 9/22), and shelf width 28.5". Also 3" sides on the top piece - 79" tall. It comes with 4 wheels 2 locking and 2 non-locking)

A Standing Flamingo 2.0 has vertical adjustments on both front and back (width the exception of a 10" tall piece that connects the two sides.)

This new offering originated from a custom request from an art teacher who is adapting to working from home. She uses one side for desk/paper work and one side for her painting work so we added the little shelf support "widgets" to both front and back. She requested a wide version to make space next to her laptop for a document camera for drawing class presentations. She also made a special request to remove the extra sides from the top piece. She wanted a more "streamlined" version. We love special requests like that. many are easy to do and don't come with any extra charges.

Three "setups" available:

Desk/Easel - This setup comes with the regular basic desk setup of one regular shelf and one small shelf plus the easel accessory. $1,324

Desk/Desk - This setup comes with two regular shelves and two small shelves. $1,269

Easel/Easel - This setup comes with two easel accessories. $1,379

Extra shelves available in online store Accessory area.

Click here to see a Standing Flamingo 2.0 Video.

All Ōtthsaw desks, seating, and accessories are made using Europly Plus. It's like Baltic Birch but stronger, cleaner, and made from US sourced materials (if I understand correctly).

These desks have around 160 wood pieces and 300 screws. We do all of the cutting, sanding, and assembly work then we disassemble in some places to pack it all into boxes and ship to you where you will reassemble. We use regular sharp screws and send a special bit. You will be most happy if you have an electric screwdriver with a little extension piece (see Dewalt image below) to hold the special bit we send. Please reach out for any questions about assembly. So far, I am grateful to report that all customers who have reported back have reported easy assembly. No issues reported to date. We design everything with ease in mind and continue to drive process improvement with ease in mind. Feedback is always appreciated.

(8/21/2020 Note: I just updated shipping charges after adding product yesterday. Not meaning to mislead. Please be in touch if this impacted your purchasing plan in any way and we'll make it right.)

I'm here for any questions or comments:

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