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Made to order unless noted in product title.

I love building these desks - and it is not the only work that I want to do. As I have a new project launching soon, I am limiting my desk sales to two per month to achieve balance. I continue to work toward increasing production in a peaceful and meaningful way. 


I have made some price changes. And I have added some discount codes. 


Below are the discount codes for the first half of 2022. Each of these is worth $200 off. One per order. Codes can be used for desks only.





It takes 2-4 weeks from the start to build a desk, apply finish coats, and pack up for delivery - depending on version and customizations. I may not ship in the purchase month. My process is to start the next desk order each time I complete one. I typically send out an email when I start it. You can always get an estimate by email at

Standing Flamingo Desk

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*** Build time estimate is 2-4 weeks.*** Made in SLO County. Local orders delivered assembled.

Price update notes 9/7/20

The Standing Flamingo Desk comes with 1 large (28.5W x 18.5D) desk top shelf and 1 small 28.5W x 8D. Additional shelves are offered in online store.

This is a beautiful floor sitting to standing desk on wheels. It is handcrafted by Ōtthsaw in California.

It works well with a laptop or light equipment. Use multiple shelves to fine tune for movement and posture needs, or use multiple shelves to add adjustable storage space. Two screen models available by custom order.

Standing Flamingo desks are easy to assemble with an electric screwdriver - real screws into real pre-drilled wood. I have obsessed over customer experience. Contact for assembled freight shipping costs.


79" tall on 4 high quality casters

35" Wide and 22" deep.

One 28.5" wide and 18.5" deep shelf

One 28.5" wide and 10" deep shelf

Custom sizes are an option up to 35" desk width /41.5" total width - or let's figure something out together.

Shipping these beauties is actually a major multiple hour undertaking because I build the right size boxes out of wrong sized boxes (I couldn't get the right size without a major investment and storage space that i'd have to pass on to you). I also try to recycle shipping bubbles and try and invent ways ways to keep contents safe with minimal plastic or styrofoam. They will likely be double boxed and wrapped in thin plastic during rain/snow seasons.

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