***Our current build time is approximately 2-3 weeks and then time for shipping.

This is an estimate. ***


"Slow and steady wins the race" may be my most oft thought quote when it comes to work. I want to send this piece to you in its best possible condition. I put my full attention into it. 

Stationary Caterpillar Desk - Two Heights Available

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*** Depending on inventory levels may be one to two weeks to ship.***

Our Stationary Caterpillar Desks turns any desk, tabletop, floor, or ground into and an adjustable desk. It comes with two shelves. It has a solid base and does not fold up it's portable sister.

Available in:

A 25" height version suitable for people up to 5' 10" when added to average desk or table heights or a 28" height version suitable for people over 5' 10" or for shorter than average table tops. And we could build one taller if you need - just let us know.

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