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I love building these desks - and it is not the only work that I want to do. As I have a new project launching soon, I am limiting my desk sales to two per month to achieve balance. I continue to work toward increasing production in a peaceful and meaningful way. 


I have made some price changes. And I have added some discount codes. 


Below are the discount codes for the first half of 2022. Each of these is worth $200 off. One per order. Codes can be used for desks only.





It takes 2-4 weeks from the start to build a desk, apply finish coats, and pack up for delivery - depending on version and customizations. I may not ship in the purchase month. My process is to start the next desk order each time I complete one. I typically send out an email when I start it. You can always get an estimate by email at

The Buddhi Boxx - Flat Platform Seat

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Our flat platform seat is designed for raised seated yoga, active sitting, and mindful sitting - during desk work and beyond. Useful for any situation where floor movement activity is desired, but not an option - like at a desk that is fixes at chair height. The Buddhi Boxx flat platform seat "raises the floor".

Keep your twists gentle.

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