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"Slow and steady wins the race" may be my most oft thought quote when it comes to work. I want to send this piece to you in its best possible condition. I put my full attention into it. 

Upright Yoga Mat Stand - Easy Access

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The Mat Stand - Easy Access holds a folded mat and is useful in a couple of scenarios:

1) It keeps the front of the mat and the back of the mat from touching.

When we roll up our mats the front touches the back. (In the spirit of reducing what we may accidentally expose ourselves to on our yoga mats, folding the mat is a better plan. The bottom of the mat contacts the bottom.)

2) It improves access to yoga.

As silly as it sounds removing obstacles - even one as simple as unrolling and rerolling a yoga mat - can improve our access to our practice. For those who enjoy several yoga or floor sessions a day having the mat in an easy to access and then fold up and put away place will improve access to our practices.

Made with the same high quality Europly plywood. Ships as one piece. No Assembly required.

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