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Desk Designs

Here is a quick list of my desk design options. Because I handcraft your desk when you order it any of these can be customized to be taller, wider, shorter, or narrower to meet your specific wants or needs. 

Leaning Flamingo Desk

This design is my original floor sitting to standing design. It offers 6 feet of vertical adjustability. Very easy to assemble. Width and height are customizable. Both of my sons (12 and 28) use these desks in their workspaces. 

Height:  83"

Width:  35"

Depth:  18"

Leaning Flamingo Desk (3).png
Standing Flamingo Desk

Standing Flamingo Desk

Original Design

The Standing Flamingo offers a beautiful floor sitting to standing design on wheels. It is 79" to roll under standard doorways.  This is a one-sided version with a base. I have been using one of these desks for years and absolutely love it. 

It comes with one large shelf and one small shelf and four casters - two locking and two non-locking. Easy to assemble. Width and height are customizable.

Height:  79"

Width:  35"

Depth:  22"


Standing Flamingo 2.0

The two-sided Standing Flamingo

This is a two-sided Standing Flamingo desk. (Shown in my shop without wheels or finish coats.) It can be used as two floor sitting to standing desks in one or as a multi-project workspace. When ordering you can choose all shelves, or choose shelves and the easel accessory. (Shown with an extra shelf)

Height:  79"

Width:  35"

Depth:  22"

Crouching Flamingo Desk

A shorter floor sitting to standing desk on wheels. 

A one-sided version shown with base. Also available as wider/narrower, open base and 2.0 versions.

This desk originally came about as a request for a short Standing Flamingo desk for a customer who lives on a houseboat and has low ceilings. The top piece on the Standing Flamingo desk would have prevented the customer from enjoying her view so I made some changes to the design.  

I almost called this design Zippy Flamingo because it is light and gets around easier than the Standing Flamingo does. It's a fun little desk. I have an open base version that I use frequently.

Height:  65

Width:  35

Depth:  18 - 21 (depending on single-sided or 2.0 version)

You can choose open base while ordering. 

Crouching Flamingo Desk.png
Portable Caterpillar and stationary caterpillar desks.png

Portable or Stationary

Caterpillar Desks

Shown are both portable and stationary Caterpillar desks. 

Caterpillar desks are adjustable desks for any flat surface. For floor sitting or standing. I've used mine at a park, on the edge of the bed as a standing desk, on the floor, and on a washing machine.


The Portable Caterpillar desk makes an adjustable desk wherever needed and then folds up when not needed. 

Currently working on a feet forward version update. 

Open Height:  25", 28"

Folded Height: 25.5", 28.5"

Open Depth: 15", 15.75"

Folded Depth: 6.25"

Width:  28.5

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